What Should I Do After Getting Into a Car Accident?

Have you been involved in an accident? At the Law Office of Steven R. Whitman, we are dedicated 100% to your safety. That means that we want to safeguard you from anything that could have negative effects on your personal injury claim. The moments after a car accident are the most crucial. Handle the situation as calmly as possible. You may find that matters turn out much more smoothly when you do.

Our Boston car accident lawyers can walk you through each of the steps so that you know how to handle this situation and protect your legal rights if you or a loved one has been in an accident.

1. Stop and pull over.

Any time that a driver hits another vehicle, pedestrian, bicycle rider, animal, or public or private party, you must stop. Massachusetts law dictates that you must pull over, identify yourself and exchange your information with the others, and call for emergency medical help, if necessary. Failing to do can result in possible criminal charges, such as hit and run, for example.Take down the license and registration information of all parties involved. This can easily be done by taking photos with your cell phone of all drivers’ licenses and registrations. There may be times when another driver claims not to have their registration with them. You can still photograph their license plate.

2. Report the accident to the police.

A police officer can make a written report of the accident. If there were injuries or death occurred, it is mandatory under the law to notify the police. By not calling the police, you could risk a denial of your insurance claim, or the company may drop you altogether. Furthermore, there is also the possibility of criminal charges, as well.

3. Seek immediate medical treatment.

Get treatment as soon as possible after an accident. Emergency medical professionals know what to check for immediately after an accident. While you may feel fine at that time, the shock, adrenaline, and the heightened emotions can hide the pain. You may not notice injuries and other medical conditions until many days and even weeks afterward.

4. Document everything.

Take pictures, gather any statements made by others involved in the crash, and jot down any witness’ information, including their names, addresses, and phone numbers, if there are any. You can further help yourself by taking notes of your account of the accident. Later on down the line, your recollection of the accident may not be so clear, so having the facts written down as they happened on that day may prove to be immensely handy. Finally, retain all of your medical treatment records, including the bills, and other additional costs incurred from the accident.

5. Keep your insurance company in the loop.

Notifying your insurance company is an essential step. Without doing so, your insurance company could deny your claims and may even refuse coverage. Avoid admitting fault or uttering anything at the scene of the accident, as well, as that could lead to placing blame on you. Some companies have been known to drop customers in the event of such an incident. Getting your insurance company involved at the onset is a help more than it is a hindrance.

Lastly, we always recommend that you consult with a personal injury attorney who is knowledgeable at handling car accident cases. The guidance that our attorneys at the Law Office of Steven R. Whitman may be invaluable in terms of achieving a successful result for your case. The reason for this is because an attorney can assist you during the claims process, and ensure that you receive full compensation for the financial losses suffered as a result of the accident.

We offer caring, personalized, and honest legal services at the Law Office of Steven R. Whitman. Contact our Boston personal injury attorney today!


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